5 Free Stock Photo Websites for Your Social Media Needs

Breathtaking free stock photos for personal and business projects! All of the photos are ready for your use and they are totally free! Read this article and discover more!

Are you a content marketer or a social media manager? If yes, then you probably know that one of the most challenging parts of your job is finding the right image for your project. We all know that photos are one of the essential elements for engagement, so unless you are willing to pay a fee for access to an online gallery or a huge photo database, trying to find the perfect free social media photos can be exhausting and time-consuming.

You can spend a lot of time and effort on searching for the perfect photo website and the end result is not going to satisfy your personal or business needs. So, in order to save your precious time, we’ve decided to come up with a short list of websites that can meet your needs. These websites offer amazing photos you can use for your social media projects.

Before we present the websites, it is important to inform yourself about Creative Commons Zero and the importance of checking the image and determine whether or not you are allowed to use it!

About Creative Commons Zero

It is really important to recognize what is meant with the licensing and copyrights of photos available. We know that it can be a challenge to identify if you are legally allowed to use or modify a photo for your personal or commercial projects.

According to the Creative Commons website, the Creative Commons Zero license or the CC0 license allows educators, scientists, artists, and other individuals of copyright or database-protected content to take advantage of those photos and place them as completely as possible on the internet in the public domain. This means that others may use, edit, and modify the photos for any purpose without restriction.

In other words, if you notice CC0 license under the photo you like to use, you are free to use it.

5 Free Stock Photo Websites

Here are the best free stock photo websites we found whose photos fall under Creative Commons Zero or CC0:

Burst Royalty Free Images – This is probably one of the most interesting stock websites you can find online. All of the images are royalty-free and high-resolution, ready for your use wherever you prefer. The images are divided into various categories of nature, people, animals, objects, urban, and etc. Pixabay – Another great resource you can use for your social media photos! This website offers over 490.00 free stock photos for both personal and business use. These are excellent to use as social media photos as the collection you will find here includes not only images, but vector images and illustrations as well. IM Free – This website offers great social media images and a huge collection of free web design resources you can use for your commercial projects. The royalty free collections include icons, templates, button makers, and etc. Negative Space – A very popular website that adds new free stock photos every week! The photos are listed under the CC0 or Creative Commons Zero license and they are sortable by copy space, category, color, and position. Life of Pix – This is a collection of high-quality and free stock photos donated to the public domain by the Advertising Agency in Montreal – the Leeroy. With no copyright restrictions, the amazing photos are free for both personal and commercial use.

The search for perfect social media photos can seem exhausting at first, but with these 5 free websites, the task has been made as easy as possible!