3 Free Stock Photos Licenses You Need To Know

As the number of stock photos increases, it has become easy to get free images to use on your social pages and websites. In spite of this aspect, most of the stock photos come with various licenses which you have to be aware of before deciding to use them.  Ignoring these licenses can adversely affect your site both legally and on Google ranking due to copyright issues.

Here are the three stock photos that you need to know before using images from free stock photo sites:

  • Royalty Free

Royalty Free is a license where you only pay for initial license fee hence it does not mean they are free. Once you pay for license fees, you do not have to pay other royalty fees in future.  Photos under this category come with a flat fee set by the image owner.   As such you pay a one-time fee, and you can use the photos purchased as many times as you may wish and for whichever purpose you may wish. However, the license limits you to reproducing or using the image for commercial purposes.

An upper hand for royalty free images is that they are cheap and affordable even when you are operating on a fixed budget. However, due to the affordability, the images are not limited to the owner. As such, you can purchase the same image as your competitor which denies you a chance for uniqueness.

  • Enhanced licenses

While enhanced licenses replicate the Royalty Free ones, they come along with extended rights of image use. When you pay for enhanced licenses the limitation on copying, redistribution or applying the images for commercial purposes are removed. As such, you can use the images on your promotional and marketing items such as brochures, caps, magazines, and newsletters.  Also, you can edit the images to fit your purposes.

However, you have to pay more to use this type of license. Thus Enhanced licenses are not affordable to budget sensitive individuals.

  • Right managed

Apart from royalty free and enhanced licenses, the other category of stock photos licensing rights is the right managed. When you purchase photos under right managed class, you get exclusive rights to the images. The images you get are customized for a specific use and a given period.

Also, there is a limit on distribution and reproduction.  However, with this license, you get a chance for uniqueness. Images you purchase will remain yours and are not resalable until the license duration expires.

All in all, depending on your purpose and budget, you have an opportunity to choose the type of stock photo licenses that suits you.

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