3 Tips for Using Interactive Images in Enhancing the Performance of Your Photography website

Interactive images are useful in enhancing your site visitors’ engagement and interaction. A website that has a perfect combination of design and functionality acts as a magnet with the capability to attract massive traffic. However, the overall determiner of whether your site will engage and maintain large following lies on one element known as web interactivity.

Web interactivity is the concept of designing your site in a way it grasps the visitor’s attention. Interactive depends on your creativity to showcase your products or images and the relevance of the information you display.  Images are a crucial part of these processes. The creativity you involve in the pictures you upload on your site is essential. As such, you cannot ignore the power of images in developing a highly interactive website.

Here are three tips on using interactive to attract and engage high following on your site:

a.    Use welcoming images on your first page

Images and photos form a critical part of the storytelling process in your photography website. The claim put across with the written content must be in harmony with the images uploaded. Given that the first page acts as the door to your site, you need to ensure that the images you upload do not chase people aware. For this reason, you need to use interactive and attractive images that will make a visitor spend more time on your site.

b.    Use infographics to give information about your photography services

Your photography website is the display where potential customers seek information to enable them to make a purchasing decision. Infographics are important in passing across information about your services in a way that the visitors can understand without much struggle. Importantly, infographics offer the client a chance to get the whole story on a single image.

c.    Use images while presenting offer pop ups

As you know, interactive images are visually attractive.  As a photographer, you will obviously use your site as part of the marketing strategies through designing pop up offers. A major mistake that many webpreneurs make is ignoring the power of images. As such, you should avoid replicating the same. Always design interactive images of your offers. Following this approach, you will increase the number of offer viewers as well as sales.


For a high performance of your photography website, you need to make sure it is interactive. Use of interactive images in various functionalities of your site enhances its visitor’s attractiveness and engagement.   As such, following the above tips, you can increase your site performance and productivity as well as interactivity.