Top 5 Aspects To Avoid Rejection When You Upload Your Stock Photos To Photography Websites

Stock photo websites don’t just accept photos randomly and list them on their platforms. They have guidelines that must be followed to the latter for any photo to be accepted. Each submitted photo must pass a manual review and digital review to align with the quality, aesthetic, technical and legal requirements of the stock photo site. If your photo doesn’t conform to those requirements, it is rejected (with reasons). In this column, we are going to point out the top 5 aspects to avoid in order to beef up your acceptance rate:

  1. Avoid submitting your images for commercial use without reading the website’s submission guidelines

This is the first thing you should avoid doing if you want to have high acceptance rate on the popular photography websites. This habit almost always leads to instant rejection. Luckily, most stock photo sites have a resource and training section where you can get in-depth training materials, support and knowledge about quality photography. On top of that, they have forums where accustomed photographers share vital information and offer assistance. The guidelines will inform you about the camera megapixel to use, format, sharpness and size, and JEPG’s requirements. Take advantage of these resources to minimize your rejection rate.

  1. Avoid submitting images with copyright issues and trademark on them to photography websites.

Copyright infringement is a serious offense. You could get prison time, face punitive fines or your site brought down entirely. Avoid summiting copyrighted images or those that contain logos of other companies. Only submit your original work to be on the safe side.

  1. Avoid submitting low-quality images to photography websites

Stock photo websites do not entertain low-quality images. Invest in digital cameras to be able to snap top-notch photographs. Utilize the many photo-editing software online to get your photos up to the mark.

  1. Avoid submitting images for commercial use without title, descriptions and effective keywords

For potential customers to locate your images online, the best SEO techniques must be used for your images. One of the most effective techniques is keyword incorporation. Prospective customers will search your image with those keywords. So it’s only natural to include them. Also, include a title and short but comprehensive description of the image to tell its story.

  1. Avoid using unauthorized fonts in your images when submitting to photography websites

Your images are likely to come with a text file. Ensure the fonts you utilized in the text file originate from a reputable source, and they are duly licensed. There are tons of free fonts to use out there. However, the fact that they are free doesn’t mean you can use them without permission. Font designers typically allow people to use their fonts for personal reasons, but not to promote a product or service.

Different stock photo sites have different guidelines for photo submissions. There are other guidelines that we haven’t talked about, but these are the key ones to avoid. If you grasp the physical and technical guidelines for submissions to these top stock photo sites, you have a promising career in the business of selling photos online.